Friday, June 13, 2008

Not Nothing

I was on the phone with a friend the other night, and he asked what was going on my life. I responded with my usual response, "oh nothing all that exciting. Its just life as normal."

Naughty naughty. If I ever give you this response on the phone, I give you permission to laugh at me, or shake your finger at me.

I realized after I got off the phone that much is going on in my life, I just tend not to remember it when I'm on the phone. I suffer from the little known problem of 'phone freeze'. Whenever I'm talking on the phone, I forget everything else going on in my life except the current conversation. A good listener I do make, but not a good conversationalist. This may be why the phone is not my favorite piece of technology.

So, what has been going on in my life?

Well, as you can see from previous posts:
*my parents came to visit
*I celebrated my 29th birthday

*I rejoiced upon learning that a good friend from home is pregnant (causing me to also freak in realization that we are supposed to be honest to goodness adults - i'm almost 30!!)

*I smiled when a good friend was honest and true

*I attended a meeting with the Norwegian State Church to help them understand the real lives and real faiths of assylum seekers from Afghanistan living in Norway

*I preached a not-so-fabulous sermon

*I went to an amazing concert at the music high school here where one of the youth at church sang an amazing song she wrote

*I am learning to pray, honestly

I can't remember any more right now. But never fear if you think your life has no exciting bumps. You might be suffering from brain freeze!


Diane said...

glad there is "not nothing" going on in your life in Norway! how exciting to be there.

Anonymous said...

A little belated birthday singing in my most OFF-KEY voice!!!!
Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday 29 YEAR OLD!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!

Just know from this 57 year old!!!
It just gets BETTER and BETTER and BETTER!!! as long as you LIVE IT and PLAY in it to the fullest! Norvay has been GUTEN for YOU!!!! Ro :+)

Mrs. M said...

I have this problem, too. Everything tumbles out in person, but on the phone I go braindead.