Friday, August 31, 2007

We should try this!

A solution to the high cost of textbooks!
Students just put out their textbooks
on the sidewalk and wait for buyers to come on by.

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Here we Go!!

I have now been in Oslo for one week. I arrived last Wedensday and am still a bit mixed up on the days. Its so strange to lose a day/night when you fly across so many time zones.

I am serving this year at an enlish speaking church here in Oslo. Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly. Contrary to its name, the congregation is composed of people from many countries, even native Norwegians. There is also a man working on refugee ministries. He brings mostly men to church on Sunday mornings - most are from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and a couple other hotbeds. I also met the pastor from an Eritrean church here in Oslo.

Oslo itself is also a city of immigrants. While you might think everyone is blonde - and many are, even if out of the bottle, there are many, many immigrants. It sounds like most have come within the last 10 - 20 years.

Last week I had dinner with a family every night, was shown around Oslo by an official Oslo guide who is also part of our congregation, and wandered around downtown all by myself!! Oh my. Our pastor is in Ghana until Friday, so I've had a chance to settle in and see Oslo.

On Sunday afternoon, I was invited to the Norwegian derby (think Kentucky Derby) by our fun church secretary. So, myself, the pastor's family, and the secretary went to the derby. She even made me a hat. The hat's people were wearing were quite impressive. Some were homemade and some were bought. We were even in a hat parade (fashion show). I did see a couple horse races too.

Today, was tourist day for me! (Our church secretary told me to take the day off since I was at church late last night). So, I went to Vigeland Park, where Karl Vigeland's statues are the main attraction. They are so full of life and movement. Very interesting. I took some pics on my new phone (its quite cool) and will post these later. Otherwise, its been fun.

Jeg leare litt norske (I'm learning a little norwegian.) day by day.