Friday, June 27, 2008

Cultural Oslo

When one thinks of Norway, most people have visions of Norwegian sweaters, lutefisk, lefse, and tall blonde haired people. Well, in the past couple weeks I have encounted and lived in a Norway that is anything but this stereotype.

A couple weeks ago, on a bright sunny day I was walking downtown when I heard some drumming. What is that? I wondered, and wandered across the street to check out the commotion. It turned out to be a Korean Drum and dance group. They were fantastic.

I was quite impressed with the man wearing the hat with the streamer out of the top. To make it swirl he both moved his body and his head. Oh my dizzy!

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Anonymous said...

Colorado Catch Up:
Beth is pregnant (don't know if this is the friend you referred to), graduated LSTC, and has her first call once Rocky Mountain Synod approves special ministry in September.

Ro elected to the Rocky Mtn Synod Mission and Outreach Board, connecting with Colorado Via de Cristo, and putting together Rocky
Mountain Synod diaconal directory.
ALSO exploring beautiful mountains whenever possible!

When do you return to LSTC???? Ro :+)